Write Like Mozart lecture notes

Write Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Music Composition with Peter Edwards, National University of Singapore

Lecture notes for the class, prepared by Glenn Rowe, in English, are available here. I host the e-book version of the notes:

I host the lecture notes in Russian as well:

Write Like Mozart is the first (to the best of my knowledge) MOOC on (classical) composition. Six weeks of lectures on chords and their voicing, basic harmony progressions, voice leading, texture, creating accompaniment, textural reduction, sequential progressions, non-chord tones, diatonic chord substitution, cadences, parallel period form, melodic writing techniques, chromatic substitution, 2-voice counterpoint, elaborating progressions, Alberti bass, rounded binary form. A twenty-thirty-bar AABA composition as a final project.

Please find my further impression of the class as well as many other music-related MOOCs at the page: Selected music resources.

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